The Girl Who Cried Pain: A Bias Against Women in the Treatment of Pain


  • Diane E. Hoffmann,

    1. Associate Dean for Faculty & External Affairs, Professor of Law, and Director of the Law & Health Care Program at the University of MarylandSchool of Law. She received her J.D. from Harvard Law School and her master's degree from Harvard School of Public Health. She has written on such topics as advance directives and surrogate decision-making, genetic testing of children, regulation of ethics committees and ethics committee process, regulation of research with the cognitively impaired, and insurance coverage for the treatment of pain.
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  • Anita J. Tarzian

    1. eceived both a master's degree (intercultural nursing) and a Ph.D. (nursing research, concentrating in ethics) from the University of Maryland School of Nursing. She received a B.S.N. from Rush University in Chicago and a B.A. from Knox College inGalesburg, Illinois. She has been a surgical oncology and general medicine nurse and a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic. She is co-chair of the Maryland Nurses Association's Center for Ethics and Human Rights, a part-time research associate for the Law and Health Program at the University of Maryland School of Law, and a hospice nurse.
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