• Hawaiian monk seal;
  • Monachus schauinslandi;
  • helminth parasites;
  • coprological survey


In conjunction with an Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schauinslandi, breeding enhancement program, fecal samples were examined for the presence of helminth parasite products (eggs, larvae, and proglottids). Eighty-two samples were examined from four island groups in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands: 38 from Kure Atoll, 32 from French Frigate Shoals, 11 from Laysan Island, and one from Lisianski Island. Identified helminth products include those of Diphyllobothrium sp., D. cameroni, Contracaecum turgidum, Anisakis sp., Corynosoma rauschi, and Trematoda. In addition, eggs from Halarachne laysanae (Atari) were found in 3 samples. Eggs of C. turgidum were present in the highest percentage (>64%) of samples from all locations. Eggs of Anisakis sp. and Trematoda are reported from this host for the first time.