• Key works: Kuril seal;
  • Phoca vitulina stejnegeri;
  • salmon trap net fishery;
  • southeastern Hokkaido;
  • salmon damage;
  • incidental catch


An annual average of 163 Kuril seals was found dead in two years in salmon trap nets along the coastal waters of the Nemuro Peninsula and adjacent areas. The seal-caused damage to the total salmon catch at the salmon trap nets was concentrated in some of them, particularly No. 27, where seals killed or injured 5.1% of the catch in 1982, and 1.8% in 1983. Based on the proportion of Kuril seals among the dead seals in the trap nets, it was estimated that Kuril seals damaged 4.7% of the total salmon catch at No. 27 in 1982, and 1.7% in 1983. Not all seals that entered the trap net drowned; some killed or damaged salmon, and then escaped.