Correction to: Perrin et al. 2007. External appearance of the dwarf spinner dolphin Stenella longirostris roseiventris. Marine Mammal Science 23(2):464–467.

The photo in the lower panel of Fig. 1 is of a pelagic Gray's spinner dolphin (S. l. longirostris) from the eastern Indian Ocean, not the Central Pacific. It was provided by Karen Willshaw of UnderSea Reflections, Cocos Island. This change does not affect the conclusions of the note.


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AINLEY D. G., K. M. DUGGER, V. TONIOLO, AND I. GAFFNEY. 2007. Cetacean occurrence patterns in the Amundsen and southern Bellingshausen sea sector, Southern Ocean. Marine Mammal Science 23: 287–305.

We have determined that a reference cited within the article has been misinterpreted. The cited reference is: BRANCH T. A., AND D. S. BUTTERWORTH. 2001. Southern Hemisphere minke whales: Standardized abundance estimates from the 1978/79 to 1997/98 IDCR-SOWER surveys. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management 3: 143–174.

The erroneous statement “(40% of total population removed; Branch and Butterworth 2001)” appears on page 302 of the published article. In the best interests of all concerned, the authors wish to retract the statement associated with this citation.