This article corrects:

  1. EFFECT OF DIAZEPAM ON HEART AND RESPIRATORY RATES OF HARBOR SEAL PUPS FOLLOWING INTRAVENOUS INJECTION Volume 23, Issue 1, 209–217, Article first published online: 21 December 2006
  2. SIMULATED VESSEL APPROACHES ELICIT DIFFERENTIAL RESPONSES FROM MANATEES Volume 23, Issue 3, 629–649, Article first published online: 21 May 2007
  3. CURRENT STATUS AND CONSERVATION NEEDS OF DUGONGS IN SOUTHERN JAPAN Volume 23, Issue 3, 694–706, Article first published online: 11 June 2007

In “Effect of diazepam on heart and respiratory rates of harbor seal pups following intravenous injection,” by Jennifer L. Lapierre, Jason F. Schreer, Jennifer M. Burns and Michael O. Hammill, published in Marine Mammal Science 23:209–217, the recommended initial dose of diazepam on page 215, line 16 was misstated. The correct value is 0.15–0.20 mg kg−1i.v., not 1.5–2.0 mg kg−1i.v.. This is a 10 fold difference and if others follow this error it may be potentially lethal to the animals. All other references to doses throughout the article are the correct in order of magnitude.

In “Simulated vessel approaches elicit differential responses from manatees,” by Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, Percy L. Donaghay, James H. Miller, Peter L. Tyack and John E. Reynolds, III, published in Marine Mammal Science 23:629–649, there is an error in the axes labels of Figure 2. The correct y-axes units are dB re 1 Pa2/kHz, not dB re 1 Pa2/Hz. The correct x-axes units are kHz, not Hz.

The article “Current status and conservation needs of dugongs in southern Japan” by Miki Shirakihara, Hideyoshi Yoshida, Hiroyuki Yokochi, Hisao Ogawa, Taro Hosokawa, Naoto Higashi and Toshio Kasuya, published in Marine Mammal Science 23:694–706, was erroneously placed in the Notes section of the Journal due to an oversight by the editorial office. We apologize for this unfortunate error.