In our recent article, “Modeling the effects of El Niño, density-dependence, and disturbance on harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) counts in Drakes Estero, California: 1997–2007,” Marine Mammal Science 25:1–18, we have become aware of one minor enumeration error. The error was due to accidentally classifying two potential seal disturbances as actual disturbances. This error does not affect our statistics, results, or conclusions. We present an updated Figure 2B that reflects four disturbances in 1996, rather than six as reported in the original article.

inline image

The statistical results are unchanged because 1996 is still the year with the highest overall disturbance rate. This error also requires a correction in the Results section (p. 8), middle of the second paragraph (lines 6–7 of the paragraph) that should read: “… and two of the 1996 disturbances (seven total) from the analysis.”

Additionally, on page 15, the California Coastal Commission “reaffirmed (with some modifications)” rather than “imposed” a seal protection zone in 2008.

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