Due to production errors in the recent article “A captive feeding study with the Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardii): Implications for scat analysis,” by Elizabeth M. Phillips and James T. Harvey, published in Marine Mammal Science 25:373–391, two corrections are required. Lines 21–22 in the second paragraph of Materials and Methods should read “…(at approximately 1000),…”. Also, Figure 3 was not published correctly. The correct version of the figure is shown below and continued on the next page.


Figure 3. Proportion of total biomass in the study seals’ diet estimated by the SSFO and BR models, compared with biomass consumed for scat samples randomly sampled (A) 5 times, (B) 20 times, and (C) 40 times. Prey are organized by increasing otolith size (left to right). Error bars indicate standard deviation.

We apologize for these errors.