Figure S1. Posterior distributions of means from Bayesian analyses. Variable abbreviation is given in title with total sample size in parentheses. Posteriors of dimorphism ("coastal.dimorph" and "offshore.dimorph") are defined as male--female means. Posterior of difference between ecotypes ("ecotype.diff") is defined as offshore--coastal mean as described in the Methods section.

Figure S2. Distributions of male (solid) and female (dashed) scores for first four Principal Components.

Table S1. Osteological specimens included, with collector's field number, SWFSC laboratory identification number for samples for which tissue (skin, tooth or bone) available for DNA extraction, haplotype from successful extractions (see Table 1), known ecotype stratum upon entry into RF (see text), and origin (stranding, live capture, fishery bycatch, or "taken"). Stratum in brackets for specimens assigned to ecotype solely on basis of haplotype.

Table S2. T-test comparison of cranial measurements (in cm) and tooth counts of female and male series of coastal common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) from California. P < 0.05 in bold.

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