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Gendered observations and experiences in executive women's work


Dr Jawad Syed, Kent Business School, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7PE, UK. Email: and Assoc Prof Peter A. Murray, Faculty of Business, University of Southern Queensland, Queensland, Australia. Email:


This article explores gendered observations and experiences of executive women on the basis of common world views or lenses through which gender differences are interpreted and understood. Three types of lenses are identified from both the literature and the data: monocultural, statistical and structural. The discussion explores the relationships and ties between each lens noting the overlapping characteristics. A qualitative study is used to index the various themes and the coping strategies employed by executive women in Australia based on specific work experiences in leadership and gender relations. The study adds to existing gender theory by highlighting how gendered lenses can be used to explore gender hierarchies and inequality regimes which lie at the centre of executive women's work.