Superficial temporal vein graft in stapedotomy: a functional and aesthetic alternative


  • Presented as a free paper at the Royal Society of Medicine and ENT UK annual national meeting, Westminster, London, 6 September 2007.

A. C. Leong, BSc, MRCS, Department of Otolaryngology, William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent TN24 0LZ, UK. Tel.: +44 1233 633331; e-mail:


  • • The Causse technique of performing stapedotomy with vein graft interposition is widely-employed, with the vein graft harvested from the dorsum of the hand/wrist.
  • • Donor site scarring may be of cosmetic concern, especially in female patients.
  • • A prospective series of 19 patients undergoing stapedotomy with vein graft harvested from the superficial temporal vein is evaluated from aesthetic and functional perspectives.
  • • Results show that vein interposition from this donor site is not only aesthically acceptable but just as successful in improving hearing outcome after stapedotomy.
  • • We suggest the use of the superficial temporal vein and/or its branches as an alternative vein graft in stapedotomy.