Uterine Transplantation, Abdominal Trachelectomy, and Other Reproductive Options for Cancer Patients



More and more women with cancer issues are now raising fertility concerns as survival improves and childbearing is delayed. Pregnancy is no longer contraindicated in cancer patients including breast and endometrial cancer survivors. In fact, survival in patients treated for breast cancer who subsequently become pregnant is actually higher than that in patients who do not become pregnant. “Therapeutic” abortions are no longer recommended. Assisted reproductive technology (ART) have been associated with ovarian neoplasms, but the association is probably not causal. Neither ART nor hormone replacement is contraindicated in cancer patients. Our institution is very supportive of patients and the difficult decisions cancer survivors face. Using a program of counseling and close collaboration between oncologists, perinatologists, and reproductive endocrinologists, informed patients are offered every possible option, including ART and uterine transplantation, to achieve their family planning objectives.