The Pitch of Vibrato Tones

A Model Based on Instantaneous Frequency Decomposition


Address for correspondence: Manuel C. Eguia, Laboratorio de Acústica y Percepción Sonora, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, R. S. Peña 352 Bernal, 1876 Buenos Aires, Argentina.


We study vibrato as the more ubiquitous manifestation of a nonstationary tone that can evoke a single overall pitch. Some recent results using nonsymmetrical vibrato tones suggest that the perceived pitch could be governed by some stability-sensitive mechanism. For nonstationary sounds the adequate tools are time–frequency representations (TFRs). We show that a recently proposed TFR could be the simplest framework to explain this hypothetical stability-sensitive mechanism. We propose a one-parameter model within this framework that is able to predict previously reported results and we present new results obtained from psychophysical experiments performed in our laboratory.