Preface to Climate Change Adaptation in New York City: Building a Risk Management Response


This volume is the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC) 2010 Report. It contains the executive summary, chapters of the report, including the conclusions and recommendations, and three NPCC workbooks as appendices.

It has been an honor to work with the New York City Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability (OLTPS) and the New York City Climate Change Adaptation Task Force established by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to protect the city's critical infrastructure from the risks of a changing climate. We especially thank Rohit Aggarwala, Director of OLTPS, and Adam Freed, Deputy Director of OLTPS. They are exemplary civil servants committed to developing effective ways for the City to confront climate change adaptation challenges. Aaron Koch from OLTPS provided key help as well.

This report is the product of the work of the dedicated members of the NPCC. We express our sincere thanks to each of them for their sustained and sustaining contributions, and to their institutions for supporting their participation.

We thank Megan O’Grady and Lesley Patrick for their tremendous work as the NPCC Project Managers, without whom the NPCC could not have completed its tasks in such a comprehensive and timely way. We also acknowledge the exceptional commitment of the members of the Science Policy Team throughout the NPCC process: Megan O'Grady, Lesley Patrick, David Major, and Radley Horton. At the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Columbia Center for Climate Systems Research, we thank Daniel Bader, Richard Goldberg, and José Mendoza for their technical expertise. At the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, we thank Michael Brady, Kristen Grady, Bridget Ripley, Andrew Maroko, and Andrew Lynch for technical expertise as well.

We thank Brian Thomas who served as Consulting Editor and helped to make the structure and language of the NPCC Report more widely accessible. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in particular Katharine Sayre, Tanya Shah, and Katie Stein, provided valuable expertise in bridging the worlds of science and stakeholders. We also thank the expert reviewers of the NPCC Report without whom the independent provision of sound science for climate change adaptation cannot proceed.

It is a great honor that the NPCC Report is being published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, the oldest continuously published scientific serial in the United States, by the third oldest scientific society in the United States. We would like to especially thank the Annals' staff, Douglas Braaten, Joseph Abrajano, Steven Bohall, and Ralph Brown, for their partnership in the publication of this volume. Additionally, we are most grateful to the New York Academy of Sciences for hosting the NPCC Knowledge Networking event, “Climate Change and New York City: Creating Flexible Adaptation Pathways,” in December 2009 under the excellent leadership of Heidi Perry, Program Manager of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Sustainability Initiatives, and the full team at NYAS.

Finally, we are deeply grateful to the Rockefeller Foundation for their support that enabled the NPCC to build the knowledge base for New York City's adaptation efforts to climate change. At the Rockefeller Foundation, we thank Christina Rumbaites del Rio for her guidance and leadership.