This study examined the use of corn gluten feed (CGF) and cottonseed meal (CSM) to partially replace soybean meal and corn in diets for pond-raised hybrid catfish, Ictalurus punctatus×I. furcatus. Five 28% protein diets containing various combinations of CGF and CSM were evaluated. Fingerling hybrid catfish (mean initial weight: 45 g/fish) were stocked into 25, 0.04-ha ponds at a rate of 14,826 fish/ha. Fish were fed once daily to apparent satiation for a 179-d growing season. CGF at 30% of the diet (10% CSM) and a combination of CGF and CSM up to 25% each did not affect physical quality (percentages floatability and feed dust) of the diet. No significant differences were observed in total amount of diet fed, net yield, diet consumption, weight gain, feed conversion ratio (FCR), survival, and fillet proximate nutrient composition among fish fed various diets. Results show that hybrid catfish can utilize CGF at levels up to 30% of the diet (10% CSM), and a combination of CGF and CSM up to 25% each without significantly affecting growth, diet consumption, FCR, and fillet proximate nutrient composition. However, a combination of CGF and CSM at 20% each and above reduced carcass yield.