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Effects of Crede's method on urine voiding within the first 8 h after surgery among post-haemorrhoidectomy patients: a comparison study


S-C Chi, Nursing Department, E-DA Hospital, No.1, Yida Rd., Yanchao District, Kaohsiung, 82445 Taiwan


Urinary retention is a common complication among patients after haemorrhoidectomy. Although Crede's method is recommended for urinary retention in nursing practice textbooks, its effects require further examination. The purpose of this study was to investigate the rate of urine voiding within the first 8 h following haemorrhoidectomy and to examine the effects of Crede's method on this postoperative outcome. A two-group comparison study was conducted. All participants were over 20 years of age, and each had undergone haemorrhoidectomy. Outcome measurements included patients' self-reported urine voiding within 8 h of surgery, personal demographics and disease-related data. Before the surgical procedure, participants were divided into Crede's group and non-Crede's group, and written educational materials were given. Patients in the Crede's group were taught Crede's method for application in the event that they were unable to void urine after haemorrhoidectomy. The non-Crede's group patients were taught traditional methods without Crede's method. We examined urine voiding within the first 8 h after haemorrhoidectomy. The mean rate of urine voiding within 8 h of surgery was 60·9% overall, with 91·3% (21/23) in the Crede's group and 30·4% (7/23) in the non-Crede's group reporting successful voiding. After controlling for the two groups' personal characteristics and disease-related variables, age, educational level and perioperative fluid administration were treated as covariates and included in the multinomial logistic regression model. The odds ratio of urine voiding within the first 8 h after surgery was 52·70-fold higher in the Crede's group than in the non-Crede's group (p < 0·01). This study shows that Crede's method is an effective strategy to aid in urine voiding within the first eight postsurgical hours among patients following haemorrhoidectomy. Clear and concise information about urinary retention and related management strategies should be given to patients before haemorrhoidectomy.

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