Brand and Branding Geographies



Brands and branding can sometimes seem pervasive. Yet, the geographies of brands and branding have been relatively neglected and under-researched, especially in economic geography. The focus here is the historically longstanding and well-established brands and branding of goods and services. Drawing on empirical examples to ground its claims, the argument seeks to establish the entangled geographies of branded objects and branding processes, advocates reading their socio-spatial histories, explains their uneven geographies and relationships to uneven development and explores their potential and pitfalls for territorial development locally and regionally. The conclusion is that brands and branding geographies have the potential to stimulate a novel approach to addressing spatial questions at the intersections of economic, social, cultural, political and ecological geographies that can transcend the more ‘traditional’ and longstanding foci of firms and industries for ‘new economic geographies’. Ideas to contribute to future research on brand and branding geographies are then sketched out.