Geopolitics of Home



This paper reviews both established and emerging literatures that problematize conceptual divisions (once) held between the public arena of geopolitics on the one hand, and the so-called ‘private sphere’ of everyday life on the other. Tying into current concerns in critical and feminist geopolitics, I aim to understand how the home has been theorized and empirically researched as a material and ideological entity of geopolitical significance. The paper covers the themes of modern warfare; home(land) and nation; and the domestic worlds of ordinary, dissident and elite geopolitical actors. It argues that while a rich source of scholarship has coalesced around the influence of geopolitics on the home at different spatial scales, more research should explore how geopolitics is influenced by, and emerges from, the home. In exposing this inequitable, yet ultimately untenable binary division, the paper calls for geographers to ‘make space’ for home in geopolitics.