Figure S1. Coomassie Blue-stained protein gel images of locus ceruleus lysates. Precision Plus Protein standard (Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules CA, USA) was used as a reference marker. Abbreviations below the lanes correspond to subject numbers in Table 1: C1 = NBB00-032; C2 = NBB98-104; C3 = NBB95-101; C4 = NBB96-078; C5 = NBB03-013; C6 = NBB03-040; PD1 = NBB99-069; PD2 = NBB99-014; PD3 = NBB98-064; PD4 = NBB98-043; PD5 = NBB94-092; PD6 = NBB06-002.

Figure S2. Pie chart of functional protein classes of all identified proteins in the locus ceruleus using PANTHER classification. Numbers used in pie chart correspond to numbers in attached table.

Figure S3. Heat map view of supervised cluster analysis using the differentially expressed proteins. Supervised clustering of 87 proteins (horizontal axis) that had significantly different expression levels between PD patients (PD) and controls (CTRL; vertical axis), with 33 upregulated and 54 downregulated proteins. The colors indicate the protein abundances, which were normalized to zero mean and unit variance for each protein. NBB numbers correspond to subject numbers in Table 1.

Figure S4. Proteomic and Western blot data of individual PD patients and controls for proteins included in validation. Numbers on X-axis for PD patients and controls correspond to NBB subject numbers in Table 1. For proteomic data the normalized spectral counts are shown, for Western blot data the band intensity. Band intensity data for BBOX1 of PD patient 98-064 were excluded from quantitative analysis because of an artifact.

Table S1. List of all identified proteins and their raw and normalized spectral counts in the locus ceruleus of PD patients compared with controls sorted according to P-value. Spectral counts were normalized on the sum of the spectral counts per biological sample. NBB numbers correspond to subject numbers in Table 1; *IPI = International Protein Index.

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