• beany flavor;
  • full-fat soy paste;
  • meat patties;
  • quality

ABSTRACT:  The study was aimed to develop a processing technology for reduced beany flavor full-fat soy paste (FFSP) after moist heat treatment of soybeans at 100 °C for 0, 5, 10, and 15 min. Sensory studies of paste showed that 15-min heat treatment significantly (P < 0.01) improved color and consistency, while paste was free from typical beany flavor. The physical, functional, and sensory properties of soybean were sensitive to moist heat treatment, and such treatments can have a substantial influence on their use in food systems. Goat meat patties were selected to evaluate the potential application of FFSP in meat food system. The soy proteins incorporated in goat meat patties as FFSP increased moisture and fat and decreased protein, shrinkage, hardness, springiness, chewiness, and shear force values. Sensory analysis of patties showed that use of FFSP resulted in a reduction of specific soybean off-flavor (beany and bitter notes) and off-aroma. Addition of paste made the goat meat patties more tender and juicy, and overall acceptability of the products was comparable to control. Soy proteins as FFSP could be utilized as nonmeat protein source and could improve the sensory characteristics of comminuted meat products to which they are added.