Corrections: Vol. 72, Nr. 2


This article corrects:

  1. Iron-Binding Properties, Amino Acid Composition, and Structure of Muscle Tissue Peptides from in vitro Digestion of Different Meat Sources Volume 72, Issue 1, S019–S029, Article first published online: 24 January 2007

In JFS Vol. 72 Nr. 1 (the January/February issue), the following errors were published:

The authors of this article were listed in the Table of Contents (fm ii) and on the first page of the article (S19) as:

S. Storcksdieck, Genannt Bonsmann, and R. F. Hurrell

This text was incorrect and should have read:

S. Storcksdieck genannt Bonsmann and R. F. Hurrell

Additionally, the corresponding author information at the bottom of S19 stated:

Direct inquiries to author Storckdieck

This text was incorrect and should have read:

Direct inquiries to author Storcksdieck genannt Bonsmann

We apologize for these errors.