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Extraction of Sardine Myoglobin and Its Effect on Gelation Properties of Pacific Whiting Surimi



ABSTRACT:  Myoglobin (Mb) was extracted from Pacific sardine and added to Pacific whiting surimi to measure its effects on protein gelation. The purity of Mb extract was determined by SDS-PAGE. Mb extract using ethanol showed higher purity than Mb extract using ammonium sulfate. The addition of 0.2% Mb significantly reduced breaking force. However, a synergistic effect of 1.0% Mb was observed with 1.0% beef plasma protein (BPP) to increase surimi gel strength. The highest storage modulus of gels was observed at 1.0% Mb addition, which corresponded with the nonfracture gel and also supported a synergistic interaction between 1.0% Mb and 1.0% BPP. Differential scanning calorimetry showed Mb addition might have affected myosin denaturation and aggregation.

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