• electronic nose;
  • interesterification;
  • olive oil;
  • palm stearin;
  • solid-phase microextraction

ABSTRACT: Trans-free solid fats were synthesized from fully hydrogenated soybean oil (FHSBO), olive oil (OO), and palm stearin (PS) at different substrate weight ratios (10:20:70, 10:40:50 and 10:50:40) via lipase-catalyzed interesterification. The interesterified products contained mostly TAG (98.8% to 99.0%), and small amounts of MAG and DAG as by-products. The major fatty acids were oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid in the interesterified products, and the melting points ranged from 39 to 45 °C. The amount of α-tocopherol was reduced by 75% to 92%. Volatile analysis by solid-phase microextraction indicated that OO and PS had distinct volatile profiles, in which 18 volatiles were retained in interesterified products. Furthermore, some volatiles disappeared or formed during processing. Electronic nose showed that the odors of substrates (OO and PS) were different from each other, and the odors of interesterified products were distinguishable from that of OO or PS. Among the interesterified products, the odor of blend FHSBO:OO:PS of 10:40:50 or 10:50:40 was different from that of blend FHSBO:OO:PS (10:20:70). However, no odor difference was observed between products blend FHSBO:OO:PS 10:40:50 and 10:50:40.