• aging;
  • beef;
  • enhancement;
  • muscles;
  • quality

ABSTRACT:  Beef complexus (chuck), serratus ventralis (chuck), vastus lateralis (round), vatsus medialis (round), and longissimus dorsi (loin) muscles were enhanced (0.3% salt, 0.4% phosphate), vacuum packaged, and aged for 7 or 14 d. Enhancement increased positive sensory attributes (tenderness, juiciness, beef flavor, saltiness) and decreased negative attributes (off-flavors) of all muscles but had greater effects on some than on others. It increased the oily mouthfeel (10%) and saltiness (40%) and decreased the L* value and chroma of the complexus (chuck). It increased tenderness, juiciness, and beef flavor and decreased off-flavors, visual red and brown colors, shear value, and cook loss of the serratus ventrali (chuck), vastus lateralis (round), vastus medialis (round), and longissiumus dorsi (loin). Aging slightly decreased rancid and liver off-flavor scores, visual brown color, and shear value and increased the hue angle and L* and b* values.