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Effect of Controlled Atmospheres on Maintaining Quality of Persimmon Fruit cv. “Rojo Brillante”



ABSTRACT:  Astringent “Rojo Brillante” persimmon fruits were stored in air or in 2 different controlled atmospheres: 10% CO2+ 90% N2 (CA1) or 97 % N2+ air (CA2) for up 50 d at 15 °C. After different periods, the fruit were treated with 95% CO2 for 24 h at 20 °C in order to remove astringency, and then transferred to 20 °C in air free of CO2 for 5 d to simulate shelf life. Other fruits were directly transferred to shelf life without being submitted to deastringency treatment. Storage under CA2 allowed storability of persimmon “Rojo Brillante” during 30 d at 15 °C, maintaining commercial firmness. Moreover, CA2 had an effect on removing astringency when fruits were stored for 30 d at 15 °C, or after 20 d following to shelf life. As consequence, deastringency treatment could be avoided when the fruits were previously stored under this controlled atmosphere.