• Aspergillus awamori;
  • ferulic acid;
  • feruloyl esterase;
  • purification

ABSTRACT:  For food industry production processes and other uses, a mold that produces high levels of feruloyl esterase was obtained from laboratory mold collections and other sources. It was Aspergillus awamori G-2 that produces high levels of feruloyl esterase. The feruloyl esterase was purified using ion-exchange chromatography, size-exclusion chromatography, and HPLC chromatography. The enzyme was identified as a monomer protein using size-exclusion chromatography. Its optimum temperature and pH were, respectively, 40 °C and pH 5. Its activity was stable at pH 3 to 5. The enzyme was combined with xylan and starch, but it was absorbed by cellulose. The km of the feruloyl esterase was 0.0019% (0.01 mM). The enzyme showed stable activity at pH 3 and 50 °C, making this enzyme useful for food production.