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This last year we began a process of reviewing all the documentation around the journals. As we go into 2009 you will notice several changes if you are an author seeking information, a reviewer preparing to evaluate a manuscript, or an author, Scientific Editor, or Associate Editor using keywords in a manuscript or to identify someone in Manuscript Central. To begin with, Amanda Ferguson, our very able Manager of IFT Peer-Reviewed Publications, thoroughly edited the Style Guide posted on Manuscript Central and the IFT website. Most notable is updating the proper citing of references, including web references. There is also information on including multimedia files in your papers. For reviewers, we have updated the review questions to assist the reviewer in better assessing the quality of the manuscript and its appropriateness for IFT journals. Finally, we have prepared a set of keywords to assist authors and Scientific and Associate Editors. The list was generated by Amanda by searching all the key words used in 2007, preparing an exhaustive list, and sharing the list with the Scientific and Associate Editors for additions and deletions.

As a reminder keep your eyes open for “Practical Applications,” a new section that JFS authors can submit as part of their manuscripts. This will build upon the tradition of “Industrial Application Briefs,” published in JFS, and be helpful in identifying manuscripts that can be further promoted for consumer education and media exposure. In all, 2009 is shaping up to be a year of change!