Properties of Poly(lactide)-Coated Paperboard for the Use of 1-Way Paper Cup



ABSTRACT:  Poly(lactide)-coated paperboards were prepared by a solution coating method, and the effect of coating to improve properties of paperboard used for the manufacturing of 1-way paper cups was tested. Surface of PLA-coated paperboards was smooth and shiny like PE-coated paperboard, and the coating weight and thickness increased linearly with increasing PLA concentration of coating solution. Tensile strength (TS) and elongation at break (E) of the paperboard also increased after PLA coating. Water vapor barrier or water-resistant properties tested, such as water vapor permeability (WVP), water absorptiveness (WA), and contact angle (CA) of water drop, indicated that water resistance of the paperboard was improved through surface coating with PLA. The increase in water resistance of PLA-coated paperboards was mainly due to the hydrophobicity of PLA and the improvement of water barrier properties increased depending on the PLA concentration. In addition, PLA-coated paperboard showed strong heat sealing property when coated with more than 1 w/v% of PLA. Wet strength of PLA-coated (3, w/v%) paperboard was comparable to or greater than that of PE-coated paperboard. All the test results indicated that the PLA-coated paperboard can be exploited for the manufacturing of 1-way paper cups as an alternative to the PE-coated paperboard.