• concentrate;
  • fluidized coater;
  • red ginseng;
  • spherical granule;
  • viscose

ABSTRACT:  Viscose red ginseng extracts dried and coated using fluidized bed coater may broaden their application in food processing industry and increasing the consumer acceptance. The operating conditions of fluidized bed coater were optimized for obtaining high yield and uniform spherical granule. The physicochemical properties and sensory characteristics among the concentrates, the fluidized bed dried core particle and the spherical granules of red ginseng extract were compared. The preservative properties of these materials were also analyzed. The predicted maximum yield of spherical granule was 85.42%, at a feeding rate (FR) of 111.04 mL/min, an atomization air pressure (AP) 275.30 kPa, and a product temperature (PT) of 68.53 °C. Most of ginsenosides, which were known as functional material, did not show significant changes after granulation, while the flowability and water solubility increased. Also, for a 10-mo storage at 30 °C, the spherical granule was the most stable among the materials considered. It can be concluded that the application of fluidized bed coater can be used for making the food product of viscous extracts more valuable.