• innovation partnerships;
  • Sharing-is-Winning model;
  • strategic alliance;
  • value chain

Abstract:  Today, the idea that random collisions and interactions offer solutions and business opportunities is no longer acceptable. Instead, partnerships and alignments, both downstream and upstream, are paramount for cross-fertilization and synergy. To survive, and thrive, in today's world of global innovation, alliances based on compatible differences must be sought. Innovation Partnerships and the Sharing-is-Winning model represent a paradigm shift toward accelerating co-development of sustainable innovation, with alignment of the entire value chain with consumer-centric innovations being one of its main pillars. It includes 3 levels of typical joint development: universities, research institutes, and centers; start-ups and individual inventors; a select number of key strategic suppliers. Reinventing R&D in an open innovation ecosystem and increasing success rates in an increasingly competitive marketplace require implementing significant steps—both perceived and tangible. Specific recommendations are provided for 10 major identified topics: leadership, strategy, the consumer, the value chain, internal experts and championship, metrics, IP, culture, academia, and passion. The Sharing-is-Winning model extends the scope of open innovation to sustainable and enhanced processes of co-innovation.