• anthocyanins;
  • berry color OIV;
  • grape;
  • HPLC

Abstract:  Berry skin color OIV index, anthocyanin composition, and content of 78 grape cultivars were surveyed using a CIELAB system and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-mass spectrometry (MS) coupled with photodiode array detection. There were high correlations between L*, b*, and color, while a* was not a representative parameter. L* and b* values declined as berry skin color OIV became darker, and a* increased as berry skin color OIV became darker in pink and red grape cultivars only. The composition and content of anthocyanins varied widely among the cultivars. Total anthocyanins and types of anthocyanins were significantly correlated with color OIV parameters. Through multiple linear regression analysis, cyanidin derivatives had a positive effect on values of L* and b*. Delphinidin derivatives had positive effects on the value of a*. The CIELAB system gave good results for differentiation of grape berry skin color OIV.