Production and Physicochemical Properties of 2-Octen-1-Ylsuccinic Derivatives from Waxy Corn Starch



Abstract:  Waxy corn starch was esterified with 2-octen-1-ylsuccinic anhydride (OSA) using response surface methodology. The molecular structure and paste properties were also investigated. Results indicated that the optimum parameters for esterification were as follows: reaction period 4 h, temperature 36.7 °C, pH of reaction system 8.3, concentration of starch slurry 36.9%, and amount of OSA 3%. The degree of substitution was 0.0187 and the reaction efficiency was 80.6%. The ester carbonyl group in OSA starch was characterized by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy at 1723 cm−1. Compared with native starch, OSA derivative had higher peak viscosity, better freeze–thaw stability, and decreased gelatinization temperature and digestibility by porcine pancreatic alpha–amylase. Scanning electron microscopy showed that the gels from OSA starch had less and smaller pores; however, the native starch gels changed to sponge-like structure after 4 freezing/thawing cycles. The OSA modified waxy corn starch offered a potential to be used in frozen foods.

Practical Application:  (a) To optimize operating conditions to achieve OSA modified waxy corn starch with a high degree of substitution; (b) to give a deeper insight into the physicochemical properties of OSA modified waxy corn starch, which offered a potential to be used in frozen foods.