• ICP-MS;
  • metals;
  • Wild mushrooms;
  • Yunnan

Abstract:  The elemental contents of Li, Cs, U, Co, As, Sr, Cd, Ba, Pb, Sb in 157 wild-grown mushrooms were determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The mushrooms including 9 species were collected from 5 counties in Yunnan province, China. Based on the findings for the results from the certified reference materials GBW10014 (cabbage) and GBW10016 (tea), the data from the sample mushrooms were corrected. The contents of investigated trace elements in mushroom samples were determined as μg/g dry weight (dw) in the range of 0.030 to 13 for Li, 0.070 to 8.1 for Cs, 0.0010 to 0.28 for U, 0.040 to 5.4 for Co, 0.070 to 44 for As, 0.28 to 86 for Sr, and 0.15 to 23 for Cd. The maximum contents were 58, 11, and 0.11 for Ba, Pb, and Sb, respectively. The minimum contents of Ba, Pb, and Sb were below the detection limit of the method used.

Practical Application:  The analysis of 9 species wild-grown edible mushrooms in different regions provides the useful information to evaluate the levels of elements or of the toxic heavy metals, such as Cd, As in wild-grown edible mushrooms which grew in different regions of China for consumers and other interested groups, especially for the regulators.