Determination of Cd (II), Cu (II), and Pb (II) in Some Foods by FAAS after Preconcentration on Modified Silica Gels with Thiourea



Abstract:  This study describes preconcentration method for determination of Cd (II), Cu (II), and Pb (II) in some food samples. Silica gel was modified with thiourea and characterized by IR and C, H, N, S elemental analysis. Modified silica gel was used as a solid phase extraction for determination of Cd (II), Cu (II) and Pb (II) in tuna fish, biscuit, black tea, rice, kaşar cheese, honey, tomato paste, and margarine samples. The analytical conditions including eluent type, pH of sample solutions, flow rates of sample and eluent solutions, etc. were optimized. The influence of the matrix ions on the involvement of the Cd (II), Cu (II), and Pb (II) were also studied. GBW 07605 tea standard reference material was used for validation of method. The method was successfully applied for the determination of Cd (II), Cu (II), and Pb (II) ions in food samples. The detection limits were in the range of 0.81 μg/L, 0.38 μg/L, and 0.57 μg/L for cadmium, copper and lead, respectively. The relative standard deviations of the procedure were below 10%. The sorption capacities were found as 92 μmol/L Cd (II), 286 μmol/L Cu (II), and 121 μmol/L Pb (II).