• carbon module labeling;
  • Maillard reaction;
  • meat-like aroma;
  • oligopeptide;
  • response surface methodology

Abstract:  This study is about reaction condition optimization and exploration of the general pathway of GSH-participating Maillard reaction. Response surface methodology (RSM) is used to define the reaction condition for optimal meat flavor product generation from synthetic oligopeptides via the Maillard reaction. The optimal reaction condition is: (A) temperature: 131.53 °C, (B) reaction time: 94.85 min, (C) volume of 0.2M phosphate buffer: 49.61 mL and (D) initial pH of reactants: 4.79. The priority sequence is: A > D > C > B, and the verification score was 9.1. A preliminarily pathway scheme using CAMOLA has been constructed to suggest a reaction mechanism for meat-like aroma product formation. In addition, a 2-pathway and 3-stage formation scheme of the GSH-participating Maillard reaction has been constructed.