• functional lactic acid bacteria;
  • vegetable fermentation;
  • screening;
  • identification

Abstract:  In this study, functional lactic acid bacteria (LAB) specific for vegetable fermentation were screened from Chinese sauerkraut brine by designing purpose media. The selected LAB strains showed excellent tolerance to high concentrations of bile salt and acids. They can also survive passage through the simulated gastric fluid and may be able to reach to the intestine. Through the performance measurements of vegetable fermentation, one of these strains, NCU116 was found to have the best fermentation ability, and further subjected to a series of analyses including identification of physiological and biochemical characteristics, 16S rDNA and pheS sequencing. Taken together, the strain NCU116 was identified as Lactobacillus plantarum subsp. plantarum. These results laid a good foundation for the fermentation research in the future.