The pathology and aetiology of lung lesions in goats infected with caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus



SUMMARY Fifty dairy goats, of various ages, sexes and breeds were selected for examination on the basis of positive serological reactions to caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAEV). Thirty-one had lung lesions including chronic interstitial pneumonia of caudal or cranioventral lobes, bronchopneumonia, verminous pneumonia, pulmonary cryptococcosis or combinations of these. The only infective agent recovered from all the chronic interstitial pneumonia cases examined was CAEV, which was also recovered from lung tissue of 3 goats with arthritis but no lung lesions. The presence of CAEV in lavaged alveolar macrophages from normal lung tissue and trom lungs affected with chronic interstitial pneumonia and verminous pneumonia, and the demonstration of a marked increase in nonspecific esterase staining macrophages in areas of chronic interstitial pneumonia, are discussed in relation to the aetiology of the pneumonia.