Use of a modified open patch-graft technique and valvulectomy for correction of severe pulmonic stenosis in dogs: eight consecutive cases



SUMMARY A modified open patch-graft technique was used to correct congenital pulmonic stenosis in 8 dogs. Pulmonary valve dysplasia was moderate to severe in all cases, based upon clinical and echocardiographic criteria, and 3 dogs were in right-sided congestive heart failure at the time of surgery. Seven of the 8 dogs survived the surgery. One surviving dog displayed cerebral cortical dysfunction, the remaining 6 had no detectable neurological sequelae. Right ventricular failure was alleviated in all 7 surviving dogs, but right ventricular dilatation persisted post-operatively.

Pulmonary valvulectomy and open patch-grafting provides an effective means of alleviating signs of congestive heart failure caused by pulmonary valve dysplasia, even In the presence of severe infundibular hypertrophy and dynamic outflow obstruction.