Encuentros Latinoamericanos de Fotoquímica y Fotobiología (ELAFOT): The Latin-American Photochemical and Photobiological Community


  • Posted on the website on 6 July 2005

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The photochemical and photobiological researchers in Latin American meet biannually at a regional meeting known as Encuentros Latinoamericanos de Fotoquímica y Fotobiología (ELAFOT). The goals of this series of meetings are to discuss leading scientific work, to become acquainted with the latest research findings in the discipline, to exchange ideas, to initiate collaborations between groups and to strengthen the scientific interactions between young researchers and senior experts from the region and from developed countries. During 8–12 November 2004, the eighth such meeting took place in La Plata, Argentina. In this introduction we present a brief history of the ELAFOT meetings and a summary of the most recent gathering and the papers presented in this Symposium-in-Print.