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Ultrafast Energy Delocalization and Electron Transfer Dynamics in 2-Aminopurine-Containing Trinucleotides


  • This invited paper is part of the Symposium-in-Print: DNA Photodynamics.

*email: (Torsten Fiebig)


The fate of electronically excited states in DNA base stacks is of tremendous importance for subsequent photochemical damage reactions in the genome. In this study we present a femtosecond broadband pump-probe study on the adenine isomer 2-aminopurine (Ap) incorporated into trinucleotides. After selective excitation of Ap we can monitor energy delocalization between neighboring Ap moieties as well as excited state electron transfer, depending on the sequence of the trinucleotide. Our results establish the time scale for intrastand excimer formation and reveal the lifetime of the excimer state.