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Amelioration of Airway Stenosis in Rabbit Models by Photodynamic Therapy with Talaporfin Sodium (NPe6)


*Corresponding author email: (Yuji Morimoto)


It is difficult to treat patients with acquired airway stenosis, and the quality of life of such patients is therefore lowered. We have suggested the application of photodynamic therapy (PDT) as a new treatment for airway stenosis and have determined the efficacy of PDT in animal disease models using a second-generation photosensitizer with reduced photosensitivity. An airway stenosis rabbit model induced by scraping of the tracheal mucosa was administered NPe6 (5 mg kg−1), and the stenotic lesion was irradiated with 670 nm light emitted from a cylindrical diffuser tip at 60 J cm−2 under bronchoscopic monitoring. PDT using NPe6 improved airway stenosis (P = 0.043) and respiratory stridor. A significant prolongation of survival time was seen in the PDT-treated animals compared to that in the untreated animals (P = 0.025) and 44% of the treated animals achieved long-term survival (>60 days). In conclusion, PDT using NPe6 is effective for improvement in airway stenosis.