Physicochemical Studies of Demetalation of Light-harvesting Bacteriochlorophyll Isomers Purified from Green Sulfur Photosynthetic Bacteria


*Corresponding author email: (Yoshitaka Saga)


Demetalation kinetics of bacteriochlorophylls (BChls) c, d and e from green sulfur photosynthetic bacteria were studied under weakly acidic conditions. Demetalation rate constants of BChl e possessing a formyl group at the 7-position were significantly smaller than those of BChls c and d, which had a methyl group at this position. The activation energy of demetalation of 31R-8,12-diethyl([E,E])-BChl e was 1.5-times larger than that of 31R-[E,E]-BChl c. 15N-labeled 31R-[E,E]-BChls c and e were purified from cells of green sulfur bacteria grown in a medium containing 15NH4Cl, and their 15N NMR spectra were measured. The chemical shifts of N21, N22 and N23 atoms of 31R-[E,E]-BChl e were lower-field shifted than those of 31R-[E,E]-BChl c, respectively, and especially the difference in chemical shifts of N22 was significantly large. These results suggest that the electron-withdrawing formyl group at the 7-position of BChl e affected an electronic state of the chlorin macrocycle and caused BChl e to be more tolerant for removal of the central magnesium compared with BChls c and d.