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Synthesis and Comparative Study of Nano-TiO2 Over Degussa P-25 in Disinfection of Water


Corresponding author email: (R. Geetha Balakrishna)


Nanostructured TiO2 crystals were synthesized by gel to crystalline conversion. The crystals obtained were anatase form of titania averaging in 30 nm particles with an intrinsic band gap of 3.1 eV. The photocatalytic behavior was evaluated for the bactericidal effect in water, contaminated with the indicator organism Escherichia coli. The 100% photoinactivation of E. coli was achieved within 60 min with suspended nano-TiO2. The catalytic activity of synthesized nanosample was observed to be 2.6 times more than that of commercial TiO2 sample referred to as Degussa P-25. The photoinactivation of E. coli was tested with irradiation source of different wavelengths to substantiate the influence of particle size and nano crystallinity on electronic band structure. The photoactivity of nano titania enhanced to 1.625 times when the source of irradiation shifted from 360 to 400 nm while Degussa P-25 showed no change.