Fiber-optic Singlet Oxygen [1O2 (1Δg)] Generator Device Serving as a Point Selective Sterilizer


Corresponding author email: (Alexander Greer)


Traditionally, Type II heterogeneous photo-oxidations produce singlet oxygen via external irradiation of a sensitizer and external supply of ground-state oxygen. A potential improvement is reported here. A hollow-core fiber-optic device was developed with an “internal” supply of light and flowing oxygen, and a porous photosensitizer-end capped configuration. Singlet oxygen was delivered through the fiber tip. The singlet oxygen steady-state concentration in the immediate vicinity of the probe tip was ca 20 fm by N-benzoyl-dl-methionine trapping. The device is portable and the singlet oxygen-generating tip is maneuverable, which opened the door to simple disinfectant studies. Complete Escherichia coli inactivation was observed in 2 h when the singlet oxygen sensitizing probe tip was immersed in 0.1 mL aqueous samples of 0.1–4.4 × 107 cells. Photobleaching of the probe tip occurred after ca 12 h of use, requiring baking and sensitizer reloading steps for reuse.