Figure S1. Synthetic scheme of the photosensitive cross-linker (5, NEGDM).

Figure S2. SEM images of micelles with block copolymers (P0, P1, P2 and P3).

Figure S3. Dependence of fluorescence intensity of Nile Red emission on the concentration of copolymers (P0, P1 and P3).

Figure S4. Fluorescence spectra of Nile Red (NR)-loaded micelles of P1 (a) and P3 (b) (0.45 mg mL−1) in aqueous solution showed the decrease of fluorescence emission due to the release of NR molecules into water upon light irradiation.

Figure S5. Plots of normalized fluorescence intensity vs time of light irradiation (365 nm, 11 mW cm−2) for P1 (a) and P3 (b) micelle solutions with the concentration range from 0.02 to 0.60 mg mL−1.

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