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Anion Responsive Dibenzoyl-l-Cystine and Luminescent Lanthanide Soft Material


Corresponding author email: (Qianming Wang)


A mild sol–gel technique was used to incorporate terbium dibenzoyl-l-cystine complex into silica and green luminescent hybrid material was fabricated. 1H NMR and fluorescence spectroscopy revealed the hybrids can recognize F anions through hydrogen bonding formation and had no sense in binding other halide or HSO4. Furthermore, a luminescent hydrogel was successfully designed by immobilizing a terbium activated phosphor (Gd0.1Ce0.9PO4:Tb) into molecular hydrogelator (dibenzoyl-l-cystine). The Tb(III) emission in hydrogel media gave a distinguished enhancement based on temperature increase and the function conforms to exponential equation y = 1160.6 exp0.03x. The stability of the green luminescent gel was rather excellent and the reversibility of the gel can be recycled at least five times.

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