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Chemical Bonding of Chlorophylls and Plant Aminic Axial Ligands Impact Harvesting of Visible Light and Quenching of Fluorescence


Corresponding author email: (Kiriakos Kotzabasis)


In the present work, we tested the mode of interaction of all three polyamines (putrescine, spermidine and spermine) with chlorophyll a and b, as well as pheophytin a and b. The results showed that all three polyamines bind to the Mg ion of chlorophyll ring as probed by Raman spectroscopy. The coordination of spermine with Chl b has the most interesting features from all pigments tested. Spermine induces reversible increases and decreases of the fluorescence yield of Chl b at about 661 nm. Interestingly, equilibrium between a high-fluorescence yield conformation and a low yield is feasible by the interaction of chlorophyll b and aminic ligands. Furthermore, absorption data for the diagnostic regions of 518 and 535 nm are provided for all combinations of pigments and ligands. The significance and consistence of these results with respect to photochemical and bioenergetic principles are discussed.