Figure S1. Representative phase-contrast micrographs of MCF-7 cells in dark and phototoxicity studies, without AlPcS2 photosensitizer. The cells were treated with the different concentrations of antioxidant inhibitors for 30 min and then exposed to light or kept in the dark. The samples were incubated for a further 24 h under standard cell culture conditions in the presence of inhibitors, and the phase-contrast micrographs acquired at the end of the incubation period.

Figure S2. The relative ROS levels in cell-free medium, determined by DCF fluorescence with various antioxidant inhibitors. ROS levels are reported as a ratio, obtained by dividing the mean of each sample DCF fluorescence by the mean DCF fluorescence of the light treated AlPcS2 sample (second bar in each light-treated graph, right side). Results represent the mean of three independent experiments for each condition (mean ± SEM), analysed by one way ANOVA with Dunnett’s test. Statistically significant differences compared with the relevant AlPcS2-only control (second bar in each graph pair) are indicated by asterisks; **P < 0.01.

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