Figure S1. LOV domains in Global Ocean Sampling metagenome (a) abundance of LOV domains in different sample stations (b) absolute number of LOV domains found in different sampling stations.

Figure S2. Domain structures of putative BL receptor proteins from metagenomes. Bootstrap values >70 are displayed with small circle on the node. For the description of domain symbol see Figure 4a. The colored branches and the color code on the side of the leaves indicate the specific metagenomes (each color defines a particular metagenome, see illustration in Figure 3).

Table S1. LOV domain-containing genes found in the different metagenome databases derived from various metagenome sequencing projects.

Table S2. LOV-domain sequences from broad phage metagenome.

Table S3. Corresponding labels from metagenomic leaves appearing on the global phylogenetic tree of LOV domains and their accession number in the database (for the leaves with shortened ID).

Table S4. Corresponding leaf labels from LOV domains of sequenced genomes appearing on the global LOV phylogenetic tree and their accession number in the NCBI database.

Table S5. The 20 Residues within 4 Å from FMN in YtvA–LOV (PDB 2pr5), defining the flavin-binding pocket.

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