Figure S1. NIR irradiation does not enhance heat shock protein expression. RT-PCR of mRNA for Hsp70, Hsp27 and GAPDH were performed for NIH/3T3 fibroblasts in sham-exposed controls (sham) and 24 h (left panel) as well as 48 h (right panel) after irradiation with 360 kJ/sqm NIR (+NIR). No enhanced expression levels were observable. Bands are representative for three independent experiments (n = 3).

Figure S2. NIR irradiation does decrease proliferation in R28 retinal precursor cells in a dose-dependent manner. Cell proliferation was detected by BrdU-uptake 24–48 h after irradiation with 0, 180, 360 and 720 kJ/sqm NIR. Data are represented as means (n = 2) ± SE (***P < 0.001).

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