Silver as an Example of the Applications of Photochemistry to the Synthesis and Uses of Nanomaterials


  • This paper is part of the Special Issue on the 21th Conference of the IAPS.

  • KGS is the 2011 winner of the Closs Award of the Inter-American Photochemical Society. This article is based on this lecture and a plenary lecture presented by JCS at the conference held in Mendoza, Argentina in May 2011.

Corresponding author email: (Juan C. Scaiano)


Photochemistry is a powerful tool for controlled synthesis of metal nanoparticles, their modification and in many of the applications that these materials have. Plasmon transitions offer a unique way of delivering energy with exquisite spatial and temporal control and can be used to advantage where visible wavelength control is required. This account of research at the University of Ottawa summarizes details of the synthesis, modification and applications of silver nanostructures.